My landscapes and skyscapes are the soul of my work. They express relationships, communication, the Divine and the essence of places. They each go through numerous changes, sometimes a complete wipeout before something new comes up and feels right. They work themselves out.
The Animal Gallery
My animals are a new addition to my portfolio. I believe they developed because where my landscapes are serious, the animals I paint are fun, although this doesn’t mean they are easy. With animals I need to keep a light hand and stay in touch with the personality of the pig/giraffe/mule. Something in the eyes, their character or the shape of their construction is what attracts me to them initially. My animal paintings make me smile and people respond to them immediately.
Still Life
I like to pose relationship dynamics using edibles and objects and I think since the word, LIFE is included in this classic art categorization term, it already implies these subjects are valuable in expression. Cherries, lemons and pears are my favorite models - and they are so cooperative!
Abstract paintings are often misunderstood but they work if they have balance. - Amanda Hyatt
Sold Work
These originals have been sold but prints are available. Please contact me if you are interested.